Antibiograms from diagnostic laboratories in NZ

Guidance for standardisation of laboratory antibiogram data has been published here(external link) by the NZ NAC. The recommendations in this document are based on those in the 2019(external link) specification for hospital cumulative antibiograms published by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare.  Suggested templates for laboratory antibiograms are given below and these can be adapted to suit individual laboratories. 

Template for hospital antibiogram [XLSX, 14 KB] 

Template for community antibiogram [XLSX, 13 KB]


2023 Antibiograms

Antibiograms for 2023 will be added here as they become available.

Canterbury Health Laboratories antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 466 KB]

Capital Coast & Hutt Valley Community Urine Report 2023 [PDF, 523 KB]

Capital Coast & Hutt Valley Community Bloodstream Report 2023 [PDF, 56 KB]

Capital Coast & Hutt Valley Non-Blood Culture Community Antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 56 KB]

Capital Coast & Hutt Valley Community S. aureus and S. pyogenes Report 2023 [PDF, 386 KB]

LabPLUS Gram-negative antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 234 KB]

LabPLUS Gram-positive antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 217 KB]

Midcentral antibiogram 2023 (Medlab Central) [PDF, 237 KB]

Pathlab Community antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 179 KB]

Pathlab Hospital antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 237 KB] [PDF, 237 KB]

Tairāwhiti antibiogram 2023 (Medlab Central) [PDF, 237 KB]

West Coast antibiogram 2023 [PDF, 453 KB]

Waitematā 2023 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Report Gram Negative [PDF, 145 KB]

Waitematā 2023 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Report Gram Positive [PDF, 165 KB]

Whanganui antibiogram 2023 (Medlab Central) [PDF, 225 KB]



2022 Antibiograms

Canterbury Health Laboratories 2022 [PDF, 153 KB]

CCDHB / HVDHB antibiograms 2022(external link) 

LabPLUS Gram-negative antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 637 KB]

LabPLUS Gram-positive antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 216 KB]

Nelson-Marlborough DHB antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 461 KB]

Midcentral 2022 [PDF, 226 KB]

Pathlab community antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 194 KB]

Pathlab (Tauranga, Whakatane, Rotorua) hospitals antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 208 KB]

Southern DHB antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 462 KB]

Tairāwhiti 2022 (Medlab Central) [PDF, 227 KB]

Taranaki hospital and community antibiograms 2022 [PDF, 477 KB]

Waikato antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 565 KB]

Wairarapa DHB antibiogram 2022(external link)

Waitematā 2022 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Report Gram Negative [PDF, 190 KB]

Waitematā 2022 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Report Gram Positive [PDF, 192 KB]

West Coast DHB antibiogram 2022 [PDF, 271 KB]

Whanganui 2022 (Medlab Central) [PDF, 217 KB]


Antibiograms from previous years

You can find antibiograms for previous years via the links below.








This anaerobic bacteria susceptibility data [PDF, 159 KB] was prepared by LabPLUS in Auckland.


Fungal antibiograms

The New Zealand Mycology Reference Laboratory at LabPLUS performs antifungal susceptibility testing.  Reviews of the data collected between 2001 and 2019 have been published by the Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance, and Pathology.


Antifungal susceptibility testing results of New Zealand yeast isolates, 2001–2015: Impact of recent CLSI breakpoints and epidemiological cut-off values for Candida and other yeast species

Morris et al. 2018. Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance 14: 72–77 [PDF, 283 KB] [PDF, 283 KB]


Antifungal susceptibility of clinical mould isolates in New Zealand, 2001–2019

Morris et al. 2021.  Pathology 53(5): 639–644 [PDF, 228 KB]

Morris et al. 2021 Supplementary Data [DOCX, 49 KB] [DOCX, 49 KB]


National Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacterales (CPE) Antibiogram

2016-2017 CPE isolates [PDF, 481 KB]